Martin Wright

This is the website of someone who has long been interested,  and concerned, by the way society treats offenders.  By degrees this interest has broadened to prevention, and to conflict resolution, and to making decisions which may even forestall the conflict in the first place.

The website is mainly to make available the papers I have given at conferences and meetings, in case they are of interest.  There are also some links which may be helpful, and  a blog, where I shall be interested to exchange views – not only about restorative justice.

The papers were written over a period of over twenty years, and there are changes of emphasis.  They were presented to different audiences, so there is some repetition.  In some cases I was asked to speak about the current situation in England and Wales; and I did so, although that is not in some respects the model I would recommend.  In some ways it has of course changed sine the paper was delivered.  On occasion, for comparison, I have described the situation on some other countries, and there have been changes there also.  .