I’ve been saying that the message about living in harmony with the planet has been accepted and is beginning to be acted upon, and now it is time to learn to live with each other. Now one environmental charity has connected the two. In its Annual Review 2012/2013, SOS Sahel International UK reports on a project that aims to reduce resource-based conflict in Central Equatoria State of South Sudan. It brings together pastoralists, farmers and other stakeholders from the most vulnerable payams (sub-counties) in a series of conflict forums and workshops to debate the issues that lead to conflict in their communities. The sessions provide platforms for community leaders and other influential community members (including youth and women) to manage conflicts, and to spread the techniques learned to their communities. SOS Sahel South Sudan has, the report says, begun to establish itself as a specialist in peace-building.

It will be interesting to learn how they do it.