Neighbour mediation

When a neighbour moved in next door, the H- family complained about harassment and abuse, and frequently called the police, but they could provide no proof, so they set up a closed-circuit TV camera.  The neighbour in turn complained of noise and a barking dog, and set up five CCTV cameras.  Both families put up screens to block the cameras, and there were court hearings over eight years, and the judge threatened the neighbour with jail if he appeared in court again.  Eventually the neighbour moved away (the i, 19 April 2014, p. 5).  Apart from the cameras, this case is typical of many neighbour disputes, some of them ending in an actual crime such as criminal damage or assault.  When they come to a mediation service at an early stage, there is a good chance that conflicts like this could be resolved, although of course there is no guarantee.  The Restorative Justice Council seems to be the only body in a position to promote the development of mediation services nationwide.  I hope it will.