The psychologist Eric Berne in his book Games people play called it ‘Look what you made me do’.  This is the deadly ‘game’ that israel and Hamas are playing.  ‘You grabbed our land for settlements, so all we can do is throw stones or fire rockets.’  ‘You threw stones and fired rockets, so we have no choice but to defend ourselves by air strikes.’  Both sides do have other choices:  Israel could stop building settlements, Hamas could switch to non-violent resistance.  Western countries rightly do not intervene militarily, but they need not be inactive;  they could show Palestinians the methods of non-violent resistance, as practised in several places, such as Denmark during World War 2, Serbia to bring down Milosevic, Martin Luther King to resist apartheid (which in many ways is being imposed by Israel), and by Gandhi against the British.  The British government should not erect a statue to Gandhi unless it is willing to promote and follow his teaching.