Judge Dennis Challeen’s poem

Judge Dennis Challeen is an American judge (now retired) who as early as 1980 was saying that good sentences should require offenders to make efforts toward self-improvement, as well as direct reparation and community service. (see M.Wright, ‘Justice for victims and offenders’, 2nd ed.1996, p. 53)

We want them to have self-worth…So we destroy their self-worth
We want them to be responsible…So we take away all responsibility
We want them to be positive and constructive…So we degrade them and make them useless
We want them to be trustworthy…So we put them where there is no trust.  
We want them to quit exploiting us…So we put them where they exploit each other
We want them to take control of their lives, own problems and quit being a parasite on us…So we make them totally dependant on us   
We want them to be non-violent…So we put them where violence is all around them 
We want them to be kind and loving people…So we subject them to hatred and cruelty
We want them to quit being the tough guy…So we put them where the tough guy is respected
We want them quit hanging around losers…So we put all the losers in the state under one roof.
    (Reprinted in ‘Inside Time’, 192, June 2015)