Children of Israel and Gaza

Programme on BBC TV last night (7 July 2015), Gaza’s children, by Lyse Doucet.

Nearly all have ‘lost’ a relative (i.e. a relative has been killed in an Israeli air strike), and many been made homeless. So Israel is creating a whole generation of young people who are growing up to hate Israel. Do Israel’s leaders want to create enemies, so that they can go on being victims? Even in terms of cold-blooded realpolitik these policies don’t work. One girl said she prayed that God would destroy all Israelis, and she wanted to help him. But they aren’t all like that – some wanted to be fighters, and spoke of revenge, but at least one wanted to be a fisherman. One boy very sensibly said he wanted to resist, but not by killing people – there are better ways of resisting. Can Hamas leaders be persuaded to listen to that boy? Every time they bomb Israel they give an excuse for an Israeli air strike and for Israeli refusal to negotiate.

And now Gaza is running out of water, because salt water is getting into their aquifer.