Transforming rehabilitation: ‘Through the Gate’ report

The inspectors of Prisons and Probation report to-day  (4.10.2016) that:

‘Newly formed Community Rehabilitation Companies (CRCs) are responsible for Through the Gate provision, but are not sufficiently incentivised under their contract arrangements to give priority to this work. Payment is triggered by task completion rather than anything more meaningful. Additional financial rewards are far off and dependent on reoffending rates that are not altogether within the CRC’s gift.’
An Inspection of Through the Gate Resettlement Services
for Short-Term Prisoners, Oct 2016.
So  money isn’t a very good incentiviser, especially when the contractor wants to make as much profit as possible and the client wants to minimise the cost.  Perhaps it would be more effective to rely on traditional motivators like professionalism, idealism, humanity and job satisfaction.  It might even be less expensive,